Robinson Crusoe (1954)

Robinson Crusoe 1954 DVDRip

Director: Luis Buñuel 90 min
Stars: Dan O’Herlihy (as Daniel O’Herlihy) Robinson Crusoe/Crusoe’s father
Jaime Fernández (as Jaime Fernandez) Friday
Felipe de Alba Captain Oberzo
Chel López (as Chel Lopez) The Bos’n
IMDB 6.9 (2,709)
Genres: Adventure, Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: The classic story of Robinson Crusoe, a man who is dragged to a desert island after a shipwreck

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Gunday (2014)

Gunday 2014 BRRip 720p

Gunday 2014 BRRip 480p

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar 152 min
Stars: Ranveer Singh Bikram
Arjun Kapoor Bala
Priyanka Chopra Nandita
Irrfan Khan Satya
IMDB 2.1 (55,091)
Genres: Action, Drama, Romance Encoder : unknown
plot: The lives of Calcutta’s most powerful Gunday – Bikram and Bala, changes when Nandita enters it. Then a counter-force takes charge and a thriller unfolds.

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Keloglan vs. the Black Prince (2006)

Keloglan vs. the Black Prince 2006 DVDRip

Director: Tayfun Güneyer 105 min
Stars: Mehmet Ali Erbil Keloglan
Petek Dinçöz Can Kiz
Özcan Deniz Kara Prens
Ahu Türkpençe Bal Kiz
IMDB 1.8 (8,666)
Genres: Comedy Encoder : unknown
plot: Kelogan fights the black prince to serve justice.

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Disaster Movie (2008)

Disaster Movie 2008 BRRip 720p

Disaster Movie 2008 BRRip 1080p


Director: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer 87 min
Stars: Carmen Electra Beautiful Assassin
Vanessa Lachey (as Vanessa Minnillo) Amy
Nicole Parker Enchanted Princess/Amy Winehouse Look-A-Like/Jessica Simpson Look-A-Like
Matt Lanter Will
IMDB 1.9 (78,225)
Genres: Comedy Encoder : unknown
plot: Over the course of one evening, an unsuspecting group of twenty-somethings find themselves bombarded by a series of natural disasters and catastrophic events.

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Lemon Tree Passage (2014)

Lemon Tree Passage 2014 BRRip 720p

Lemon Tree Passage 2014 BRRip 1080p

Director: David Campbell 84 min
Stars: Jessica Tovey Maya
Nicholas Gunn Sam
Pippa Black Amelia
Tim Phillipps Geordie
IMDB 5.4 (3,839)
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: A couple of Australians introduce three American backpackers to the local legend of Lemon Tree Passage…

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Outcast (2014)

Outcast 2014 BRRip 720p

Outcast 2014 BRRip 1080p

Director: Nick Powell 99 min
Stars: Nicolas Cage Gallain
Hayden Christensen Jacob
Alexandre Bailly Crusader A
Bozhao Wang Lieutenant
IMDB 4.6 (10,295)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: A mysterious warrior teams up with the daughter and son of a deposed Chinese Emperor to defeat their cruel brother, who seeks their deaths.

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Traitors (2013)

Traitors 2013 720p WEB-DL

Director: Sean Gullette 83 min
Stars: Chaimae Ben Acha Malika
Soufia Issami Amal
Mourade Zeguendi Samir
Driss Roukhe Haj
IMDB 6.3 (260)
Genres: Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: Malika is the leader of the all-female punk rock band Traitors, with a strong vision of the world, her hometown of Tangier…

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Crying Freeman 1995 BRRip 720p

Director: Christophe Gans 102 min
Stars: Julie Condra Emu O’Hara
Kevan Ohtsji Takeshi Shimazaki
Mark Dacascos Yo Hinomura/Freeman
Debbie Podowski Customs Agent
IMDB 6.5 (9,991)
Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: A lethal assassin for a secret Chinese organisation, who sheds tears of regret each time he kills, is…

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Dobermann (1997)

Dobermann 1997 BRRip 720p

Dobermann 1997 BRRip 1080p

Director: Jan Kounen 103 min
Stars: Vincent Cassel Yann Lepentrec dit Le Dob
Tchéky Karyo Commissaire Sauveur Cristini
Monica Bellucci Nathalie dit Nat la Gitane
Antoine Basler Jean-Claude Ayache dit Moustique
IMDB 6.6 (14,984)
Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: The charismatic criminal Dobermann, who got his first gun when he was christened, leads a gang of brutal robbers…

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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969)

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 1969 BRRip 720p

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 1969 BRRip 1080p


Director: Ronald Neame 116 min
Stars: Maggie Smith Jean Brodie
Gordon Jackson Gordon Lowther
Robert Stephens Teddy Lloyd
Pamela Franklin Sandy
IMDB 7.6 (7,182)
Genres: Drama, Romance Encoder : unknown
plot: A headstrong young teacher in a private school in 1930s Edinburgh ignores the curriculum and influences her impressionable 12 year old charges with her over-romanticized world view.

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