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Dragonwolf (2013) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: [Raimund Huber]
Stars: [ Kazu Patrick Tang, Johan Kirsten, Macha Polivka]
Genres: [Action]
The Devil’s Cauldron, a city where depravity and violence has forged a society in which only the lethal and callous can survive, two young men who possess the intellect and ferocity to …

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Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above (2013) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 6.6 GB

Director: [Po-lin Chi]
Stars: [ Xiang Hong, Cing-Soong Lai, Nolay Piho ]
Genres: [Documentary, Drama]
Documenting Taiwan from an aerial perspective offering a glimpse of Taiwan’s natural beauty as well as the effect of human activities and urbanization on our environment.

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Die Tochter des Samurai (1937)

Die Tochter des Samurai (1937) DVDRip

Director: [ Arnold Fanck, Mansaku Itami ]
Stars: [Sessue Hayakawa, Isamu Kosugi, Setsuko Hara]
Genres: [Drama, Romance ]
Teruo is an adopted son of an old samurai family that returns to Japan after living in Germany and is expected to marry Mitsuko. But he’s struggling to readjust to Japan and intends to marry an Aryan woman.

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Zai na he pan qing cao qing (1982)

Zai na he pan qing cao qing (1982) DVDRip

Director: [Hsiao-Hsien Hou]
Stars: [ Kenny Bee, Ling Chiang, Jing-Kuo Yen]
Genres: [Drama]
Da-Nian is a young man from Taipei. He goes to a remote village and works as a substitute teacher. He and Su-Yun, another teacher at the school, fall in love. There are several students in …

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One Day (2010)

One Day (2010) DVDRip

Director: [Chi-jan Hou]
Stars: [ Bryan Shu-Hao Chang, Nikki Hsieh, Gwen Yao ]
Genres: [ Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi]
A visual love poem of magical realism.

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Der letzte Kampf des Lee Khan (1973)

Der letzte Kampf des Lee Khan (1973) DVDRip

Director: [ King Hu ]
Stars: [Li Hua Li, Roy Chiao, Feng Hsu ]
Genres: [Action, Drama]
Lee Khan, a high official under Mongolian Emperor Yuan of the Yuan dynasty (year 1366) procures the battle map of the Chinese rebel Chu Yuan-Chang’s army. Rebel spies, aided by treachery within Khan’s ranks, strive to corner him in an inn.

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The Puppetmaster (1993)

The Puppetmaster (1993) DVDRip

Director: [Hsiao-Hsien Hou]
Stars: [Tien-Lu Li, Giong Lim, Kuei-Chung Cheng ]
Genres: [Biography, Drama, War]
Puppeteer Li Tian-lu tells his life story, and through it, the story of Taiwan in the first half of the 20th century.

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Gatao 2: Rise of the King (2018)

Gatao 2: Rise of the King (2018) BRRip 720p

Gatao 2: Rise of the King (2018) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Cheng-Kuo Yen]
Stars: [ Collin Chou, Shih-Sian Wang, Jack Kao ]
Genres: [Crime]
Ren has finally succeeded his boss as the head of the North Fort Gang. For so long, his ambitions had been held back; now, he can realize them. But the ruthless Jian returns with his own …

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Worldly Desires (2005)

Worldly Desires (2005) DVDRip

Director: [ Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Pimpaka Towira ]
Stars: [-]
Genres: [ Short]
A couple explores the jungle in search of a spiritual tree while a film crew shoots a musical number.

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Wo de mei li yu ai chou (1995)

Wo de mei li yu ai chou (1995) DVDRip

Director: [ Kuo-Fu Chen ]
Stars: [ Pen-yu Chang, Hua-Chien Hsu, Rene Liu ]
Genres: [Drama, Fantasy]

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