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Storm Over Mont Blanc (1930)

Storm Over Mont Blanc (1930) DVDRip

Director: [Arnold Fanck]
Stars: [Leni Riefenstahl, Sepp Rist, Ernst Udet]
Genres: [Adventure, Drama]
In the Mont Blanc Observatory works Hannes. The only contact to the outside world is a pilot and Hella over the morse-code-radio. As Hella climbs the mountain with her father, the father …

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Shock Troop (1934)

Shock Troop (1934) DVDRip

Director: [ Ludwig Schmid-Wildy, Hans Zöberlein ]
Stars: [ Ludwig Schmid-Wildy, Beppo Brem, Max Zankl ]
Genres: [Drama, War]
This powerful anti-war film statement focuses on the plight of a German unit in World War I that finds itself surrounded by British and French forces.

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Stadt Anatol (1936)

Stadt Anatol (1936) DVDRip

Director: [Viktor Tourjansky]
Stars: [ Gustav Fröhlich, Brigitte Horney, Fritz Kampers ]
Genres: [Drama]

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So Ended a Great Love (1934)

So Ended a Great Love (1934) DVDRip

Director: [Karl Hartl]
Stars: [ Paula Wessely, Willi Forst, Gustaf Gründgens]
Genres: [Romance ]
the political advisor to the French emperor Napoleon, and the Austrian emperor Franz I, arrange a marriage between Napoleon and the Austrian archduchess Marie-Luise in order to prevent another war.

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Schwarze Sünde (1990)

Schwarze Sünde (1990) DVDRip

Director: [ Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub ]
Stars: [ Andreas von Rauch, Vladimir Baratta, Howard Vernon ]
Genres: [Short, Drama]
A short story based on the work of Friedrich Hölderlin.

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Shoe Palace Pinkus (1916)

Shoe Palace Pinkus (1916) DVDRip

Director: [ Ernst Lubitsch ]
Stars: [ Ernst Lubitsch, Else Kentner, Guido Herzfeld ]
Genres: [Comedy]
Sally Pinkus is an German-Jewish boy who takes a job as a shoe store clerk after being expelled from school for goofing around. Soon fired for trying to court the owner’s daughter, Pinkus …

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Final Accord (1936)

Final Accord (1936) DVDRip

Director: [Douglas Sirk ]
Stars: [ Willy Birgel, Lil Dagover, Mária Tasnádi Fekete ]
Genres: [Music, Drama ]
A young, impoverished German woman named Hanna (Maria von Tasnady) gives her infant up for adoption and emigrates to American to live with her husband. When her husband commits suicide, …

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Scherben (1921)

Scherben (1921) DVDRip

Director: [ Lupu Pick ]
Stars: [ Werner Krauss, Edith Posca, Hermine Straßmann-Witt ]
Genres: [Drama ]
Set during the winter, the story tells the tale of a track checker and his family who live a poverty-stricken life next to a railway line. They receive a telegram announcing the arrival of …

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Über uns das All (2011)

Über uns das All (2011) DVDRip

Director: [ Jan Schomburg ]
Stars: [ Sandra Hüller, Georg Friedrich, Felix Schmidt-Knopp ]
Genres: [Drama ]
Martha is in a happy relationship with Paul. She shares her life with him, and she trusts him and feels she knows him inside out. But one day two policewomen appear at her door and suddenly…

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Romeo and Juliet in the Snow (1920)

Romeo and Juliet in the Snow (1920) DVDRip

Director: [Ernst Lubitsch]
Stars: [ Lotte Neumann, Julius Falkenstein, Gustav von Wangenheim]
Genres: [Comedy ]
Comical variation on the Shakespeare play, featuring two feuding farmers families.

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