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The Last Black Sea Pirates (2013)

The Last Black Sea Pirates (2013) BRRip 720p

The Last Black Sea Pirates (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Svetoslav Stoyanov]
Stars: [-]  
Genres: [Documentary, Adventure, Comedy]
 The Last Black Sea Pirates swim in testosterone and rugged tenderness in a land of wilderness and legends, far from civilization. For 20 years, Captain Jack The Whale and his crew have been…

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Remember Sunday (2013)

Remember Sunday (2013) BRRip 720p

Remember Sunday (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Jeff Bleckner]
Stars: [Alexis Bledel, Zachary Levi, Merritt Wever]  
Genres: [Drama, Romance]
A lonely waitress meets a handsome, quirky jewelry store clerk who had a brain aneurysm and thus has short-term memory loss.

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A Way Back Home (2013)

A Way Back Home (2013) BRRip 720p

A Way Back Home (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Mark Jean]
Stars: [ Austin Stowell, Kayla Ewell, Brett Rice]  
Genres: [Drama]
When Norman Rockwell’s painting fades into the world of Charlie Shuffleton’s barbershop, this classic piece of Americana becomes the center of a small town in Georgia where friends gather, …

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The Wee Man (2013)

The Wee Man (2013) BRRip 720p

The Wee Man (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Ray Burdis]
Stars: [ Christina Andrew, Bhrina Bache, Patrick Bergin]
Genres: [Drama ]
The true-life story of Paul Ferris.

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Mahabharat (2013)

Mahabharat (2013) BRRip 720p

Mahabharat (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Amaan Khan]
Stars: [ Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Vidya Balan]  
Genres: [Animation, Action, Adventure]
Mahabharat is considered as the greatest and the longest epic in world literature It has all the possible elements that a story could have – conflict, duty, sacrifice, heroism, truth, …

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The Frankenstein Theory (2013)

The Frankenstein Theory (2013) BRRip 720p

The Frankenstein Theory (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Andrew Weiner]
Stars: [Joe Egender, Haydyn Foster, Brian Henderson ]  
Genres: [Horror, Sci-Fi]
From the makers of The Last Exorcism comes a boldly original vision of horror. What if the most chilling novel of all time was actually based on a true account of a horrific experiment gone…

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Die Akte Alu (2013)

Die Akte Alu (2013) BRRip 720p

Die Akte Alu (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Bert Ehgartner]
Stars: [-]  
Genres: [Documentary]
Aluminum is booming and found its way into every facet of our lives: But what do we actually know about the side effects of our daily companions?

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Irwin & Fran (2013)

Irwin & Fran (2013) BRRip 720p

Irwin & Fran (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [ Jordan Stone ]
Stars: [Fran Corey, Irwin Corey, Dick Gregory]  
Genres: [Biography ]
Professor Irwin Corey is now 101 years old and he is a well known comedian, entertainer and political satirist. Fran is 95 and his wife of 71 years. Dick Gregory shares Irwin’s contribution and family friend Susan Sarandon narrates.

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After Tiller (2013)

After Tiller (2013) BRRip 720p

After Tiller (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [ Martha Shane, Lana Wilson ]
Stars: [George Tiller, Warren Hern, Leroy Carhart ]  
Genres: [Documentary, Biography, Drama]
After the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas in 2009, there are a limited number of doctors left in the country who provide third-trimester abortions for women. AFTER TILLER moves…

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Believe (2013)

Believe (2013) BRRip 720p

Believe (2013) BRRip 1080p

Director: [ David Scheinmann ]
Stars: [ Jack Smith, Brian Cox, Natascha McElhone]  
Genres: [Drama]
A young, gifted football player who gets into trouble for a petty crime is brought to the attention of former Manchester United coach Matt Busby, who comes out of retirement to help the boy and his teammates.

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