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Die Beischlafdiebin (1998)

Die Beischlafdiebin (1998) DVDRip

Director: [Christian Petzold]
Stars: [ Constanze Engelbrecht, Nele Mueller-Stöfen, Richy Müller ]
Genres: [Drama ]
Petra professionally works as a thief abroad to finance the studies of her younger sister Franziska in Germany.

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Schwarze Katze, weißer Kater (1998)

Schwarze Katze, weißer Kater (1998) BRRip 720p

Schwarze Katze, weißer Kater (1998) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Emir Kusturica]
Stars: [ Bajram Severdzan, Srdjan ‘Zika’ Todorovic, Branka Katic ]  
Genres: [Comedy, Crime, Romance]
Matko is a small time hustler, living by the river Danube with his 17 year old son Zare. After a failed business deal he owes money to the much more successful gangster Dadan. Dadan has a …

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Next Stop Paradise (1998)

Next Stop Paradise (1998) DVDRip

Director: [Lucian Pintilie]
Stars: [ Costel Cascaval, Dorina Chiriac, Gheorghe Visu]
Genres: [Crime, Drama, Romance]
The Bucharest’s suburb, a torrid summer day. Norica, a waitress and Mitu, a swineherd, meet and tease each other and starts a beverage competition. Their relationship is not just a …

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Don’t Tell Anyone (1998)

Don’t Tell Anyone (1998) DVDRip

Director: [ Francisco J. Lombardi ]
Stars: [Santiago Magill, Christian Meier, Lucía Jiménez]
Genres: [Comedy, Drama ]
Based on the alleged autobiography of gay peruvian talk show host Jaime Bailey. Joaquin, a young man from the high class of Lima, deals with problems concerning his sexual identity as a …

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Der kleine Toni (1998)

Der kleine Toni (1998) DVDRip

Director: [ Alex van Warmerdam ]
Stars: [ Alex van Warmerdam, Annet Malherbe, Ariane Schluter]
Genres: [Comedy, Drama, Romance]
Farmer Brand can’t read and he is quite happy with that. His wife, Keet, who has to read him all the subtitles on the television, isn’t. She decides to hire a teacher for him. This is a …

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Kalmans Geheimnis (1998)

Kalmans Geheimnis (1998) DVDRip

Director: [Jeroen Krabbé]
Stars: [ Laura Fraser, Adam Monty, Isabella Rossellini]
Genres: [Drama]
Against a background of holocaust memories, a liberal Jewish girl becomes a nanny to a young Jewish boy with a disability, and grows fond of him.

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Bloody Angels (1998)

Bloody Angels (1998) DVDRip

Director: [Karin Julsrud]
Stars: [ Reidar Sørensen, Jon Øigarden, Gaute Skjegstad]
Genres: [Thriller ]
På det lille stedet Høtten ble det for seks måneder siden begått et seksualdrap på 13 år gamle Katarina. Nå er det skjedd et nytt dødsfall – en av de to brødrene som mistenkes for det …

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Mr. Zhao (1998)

Mr. Zhao (1998) DVDRip

Director: [Yue Lü]
Stars: [ Yi-Nan Chen, Wenli Jiang, Jing-ming Shi ]
Genres: [ Comedy]

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Goodbye, 20th Century (1998)

Goodbye, 20th Century (1998) DVDRip

Director: [ Darko Mitrevski, Aleksandar Popovski ]
Stars: [ Lazar Ristovski, Nikola Ristanovski, Vlado Jovanovski]
Genres: [Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy ]
In the year 2019, after global destruction and descent into savagery, the immortal Kuzman tried to discover his destiny in order to learn how to die. As he enters the whirling circles of …

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The Longest Summer (1998)

The Longest Summer (1998) DVDRip

Director: [Fruit Chan]
Stars: [ Robby Cheung, Tak-Man Fong, Tony Ho]
Genres: [Drama ]
It is July 1st of 1997, and Hong Kong is bright in celebration. The United Kingdom handover of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China leaves Ga Yin, and his fellow soldiers without …

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