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How I Won the War (1967)

How I Won the War (1967) BRRip 720p

How I Won the War (1967) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Richard Lester]
Stars: [ Michael Crawford, John Lennon, Roy Kinnear ]
Genres: [Comedy, War ]
An inept British WWII commander leads his troops to a series of misadventures in North Africa and Europe.

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Woman Despiser (1967)

Woman Despiser (1967) DVDRip

Director: [ Ilhan Engin ]
Stars: [ Ekrem Bora, Sema Özcan, Erol Tas ]
Genres: [Mystery, Thriller]
A killer murders women whose first initials match the first letter of the district they are killed in.

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En la selva no hay estrellas (1967)

En la selva no hay estrellas (1967) DVDRip

Director: [Armando Robles Godoy]
Stars: [Jorge Aragón, Willie Griffiths, César David Miró ]
Genres: [Adventure ]

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Island of the Burning Damned (1967)

Island of the Burning Damned (1967) BRRip 720p

Island of the Burning Damned (1967) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Terence Fisher]
Stars: [ Christopher Lee, Patrick Allen, Peter Cushing]  
Genres: [Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi ]
While mainland Britain shivers in deepest winter, the northern island of Fara bakes in the nineties. The boys at the Met station have no more idea what is going on than the regulars at the …

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The Ashlad and the Hungry Troll (1967)

The Ashlad and the Hungry Troll (1967) DVDRip

Director: [Ivo Caprino]
Stars: [ Claes Gill, Harald Heide-Steen Jr., Henki Kolstad ]
Genres: [Animation, Short, Adventure]
An exuberant story about Askeladden, the hero of Norwegian traditional fairy tales, outwitting the good-natured troll.

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Three Days and a Child (1967)

Three Days and a Child (1967) DVDRip

Director: [Uri Zohar]
Stars: [ Oded Kotler, Shai Oshorov, Judith Solé]
Genres: [Drama]
Based on a short story by Abraham B. Jehoshua, the movie follows Eli (Oded Kotler) taking care of an old girlfriend’s child for three days. He wants him to get hurt, he worries about him. …

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Paranoia (1967)

Paranoia (1967) DVDRip

Director: [Adriaan Ditvoorst]
Stars: [ Kees van Eyck, Pamela Koevoets, Rudolf Lucieer]
Genres: [Drama]
A man is under the illusion he is a wanted war criminal.

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Will Penny (1967)

Will Penny (1967) BRRip 720p

Will Penny (1967) BRRip 1080p

Director: [ Tom Gries ]
Stars: [ Charlton Heston, Joan Hackett, Donald Pleasence]  
Genres: [Romance, Western]
Aging cowboy Will Penny gets a line camp job on a large cattle spread and finds his isolated cabin is already occupied by a husbandless woman and her young son.

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The One-Armed Swordsman (1967)

The One-Armed Swordsman (1967) BRRip 720p

The One-Armed Swordsman (1967) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Cheh Chang]
Stars: [Yu Wang, Chiao Chiao, Chung-Hsin Huang ]  
Genres: [Action, Drama]
 A noble swordsman, whose arm had been chopped off, returns to his former teacher to defend him from a villainous gang of rival swordsmen.

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The Assassin (1967)

The Assassin (1967) DVDRip

Director: [ Cheh Chang ]
Stars: [ Yu Wang, Chiao Chiao, Hsiang Chun Li]
Genres: [ Action, Drama]
Nieh Cheng (Wang Yu) lives and wants to die by the Junzi code. Yen Chung Tzu (Tien Feng) seeks him out for an act of revenge. Nieh’s promise to his mom prevents him from agreeing. When she passes, Nieh seeks to fulfill his destiny.

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