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Flying Saucers Over Istanbul (1955)

Flying Saucers Over Istanbul (1955) DVDRip

Director: [ Orhan Erçin ]
Stars: [Orhan Erçin, Zafer Önen, Türkan Samil]
Genres: [Comedy, Sci-Fi]
Alien Amazon women land their UFO in Istanbul to find Earth men for their home planet with the help of a robot. Two bumbling journalists are caught up in the action.

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Scampermouse in a Jam (1955)

Scampermouse in a Jam (1955) DVDRip

Director: [Ivo Caprino]
Stars: [-]
Genres: [Animation, Short, Family]
The story of a group of mice who learn the benefits of putting aside their nuts instead of frittering them away.

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Karius und Baktus (1955)

Karius und Baktus (1955) DVDRip

Director: [Ivo Caprino]
Stars: [ Turid Haaland, Kari Diesen ]
Genres: [Animation, Short, Family ]
The little tooth trolls Karius and Baktus tries to persuade Jens not to brush his teeth, and their picking wholes in his teeth can go on as planned. If the mother’s plea to Jens is winning, the happy days of white bread and syrup is over.

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The Steadfast Tin Soldier (1955)

The Steadfast Tin Soldier (1955) DVDRip

Director: [ Ivo Caprino ]
Stars: [ Don Hanmer, Mogens Wieth ]
Genres: [ Short, Animation, Family]
A Norwegian puppet animation adaptation of H. C. Andersen’s fairy tale about a tin soldier’s love for a paper ballerina.

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Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer (1955)

Hill 24 Doesn’t Answer (1955) DVDRip

Director: [Thorold Dickinson]
Stars: [ Edward Mulhare, Haya Harareet, Michael Shillo ]
Genres: [ Adventure, Drama, Romance ]
This was the first movie produced in Israel. It deals with the outbreak of hostilities during the war for independence in 1947. The message of this film was the sadness and stupidity of …

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Man with the Gun (1955)

Man with the Gun (1955) BRRip 720p

Man with the Gun (1955) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Richard Wilson]
Stars: [ Robert Mitchum, Jan Sterling, Karen Sharpe]  
Genres: [Western]
When a notorious tough ‘town tamer’ is hired by the citizenry to rid of the gunmen driving them off their land, he finds the local saloon madam to be an old friend.

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Lord of the Jungle (1955)

Lord of the Jungle 1955 BRRip 720p

Director: Ford Beebe 69 min
Stars: Johnny Sheffield Bomba
Wayne Morris Jeff Wood
Nancy Hale Mona Andrews
Paul Picerni Paul Cabot
IMDB 6.1 (103)
Genres: Adventure
plot: Mona Andrews arrives by plane in Laghaso Station, Africa, to visit her uncle, Commissioner Andy Barnes…

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The Counterfeit Coin (1955)

The Counterfeit Coin (1955) DVDRip

Director: [Yorgos Tzavellas]
Stars: [ Vasilis Logothetidis, Ilia Livykou, Mimis Fotopoulos ]
Genres: [Comedy, Drama, Romance]
Four stories, humorous, romantic or dramatic, are linked by a counterfeit gold sovereign. It is made by the honest engraver in the first story, seduced by the charms of a young widow, and …

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The Unknown Soldier (1955)

The Unknown Soldier (1955) BRRip 720p

Director: [Edvin Laine]
Stars: [ Kosti Klemelä, Heikki Savolainen, Reino Tolvanen ]
Genres: [ Drama, War]
It is the summer of 1941. An eastern-Finnish machine gun company receives an order to turn in their surplus equipment. The company is transferred to the front lines. The next morning the …

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Stella (1955)

Stella (1955) DVDRip

Director: [Michael Cacoyannis]
Stars: [ Melina Mercouri, Giorgos Foundas, Alekos Alexandrakis ]
Genres: [Drama, Romance]
The story of a young, wild woman who doesn’t want to compromise and settle down. Stella is a restless, rebellious Greek woman who plays with men and enjoys her life as much as she can. But …

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